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59 Seconds

Richard Wiseman

5 mins

3 key insights

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59 Seconds offers several self-improvement hacks grounded in the science of psychology, which you can use to improve your mindset, happiness, and life in less than a minute.


59 Seconds

59 Seconds

by Richard Wiseman


Richard Wiseman isn't your average researcher. The British psychologist is the only professor of Public Understanding of Psychology in the world. Wiseman also has a Youtube channel with over 2 million subscribers, and it's all about magic.

Wiseman loves to debunk paranormal phenomenons and has published over ten books. He's also one of the few sources where you can learn something in under 5 minutes, thanks to his 59 Seconds concept, which also gave name to this book. Most self-improvement books lay out big plans and long journeys of transformation. Wiseman thinks there's no need for that, when there's so much you can do that takes less than a minute.

Favorite quote

Happiness doesn't just flow from success; it actually causes it.

- Richard Wiseman

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