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50 Things to Do by the Sea

Easkey Britton

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If you're planning to head to the coast for a break, consider the deeper implications of your visit: a meaningful connection with nature during a time when human beings are more divorced from our environment than ever before.


50 Things to Do by the Sea

50 Things to Do by the Sea

by Easkey Britton


The ocean is a popular summertime destination for a reason. Each season, thousands of people pack up their cars and head to the water's edge, where a cool ocean and a hot bed of sand provide a relaxing escape. The ocean allows us to forget about everyday stressors and find a moment of peace.

But in our hurry to push aside our modern anxieties, we can often forget that the ocean is a sacred space – a teeming source of life from which humanity itself emerged.

In 50 Things to Do by the Sea, author, surfing champion, social activist, and scientist Easkey Britton gently reminds us how to reconnect with the simple poetry of the ocean. From whale watching and sustainably harvesting seaweed, to reconnecting with our own breath, Britton delivers a step-by-step guide for reconnecting with the ancient waters that restore and sustain us.

Favorite quote

The ocean does so much for us – regulating our climate and providing us with food, water, and the air we breathe. Our health is intrinsically connected to the ocean.

- Easkey Britton PhD.

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