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30 Days of Genius: Sophia Amoruso

Chase Jarvis

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In this interview, entrepreneur Sophia Amoruso shares her unconventional path to success and her non-traditional approach to business and branding.


30 Days of Genius: Sophia Amoruso

30 Days of Genius: Sophia Amoruso

by Chase Jarvis


Before starting her own business, Amoruso's professional credentials included Subway sandwich artist and 'safety host' in the lobby of an art school. At the age of 22, Amoruso began selling vintage clothes on eBay under the name Nasty Gal Vintage, and today she has been named by Forbes as one of America's richest self-made women.

In his 30 Days of Genius series on CreativeLive, entrepreneur Chase Jarvis sits down with notable figures in both business and creative fields to discuss the obstacles, successes, and failures they've faced. In this interview, Sophia Amoruso talks about her companies, her non-business background, creating a brand, and building a community.

Since her eBay days, Amoruso has gone on to write two books, including the wildly successful GirlBoss, which spawned a Netflix series and a podcast called GirlBoss Radio. Amoruso's lack of formal business experience and her independent, grassroots approach make her a unique inspiration to anyone pursuing success on their own terms.

Favorite quote

It's been really challenging, growing a business for ten years now. There's no right way. I think there's what you have and what you do with what you have, and that's like, the only way, right?

- Sophia Amoruso

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