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30 Days of Genius: Kevin Rose

Chase Jarvis

5 mins

3 key insights

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In this panel discussion, Kevin Rose, CEO of Digg, Revision3, and Hodinkee, discusses his most important life lessons, and everything he wishes he knew when he first kickstarted his career.


30 Days of Genius: Kevin Rose

30 Days of Genius: Kevin Rose

by Chase Jarvis


Kevin Rose is not a big fan of validation. As Rose, the CEO of Digg, Revision3, and Hodinkee, unpacks in this 30 Days of Genius episode, he would never have turned his big ideas into a reality if he waited around for others' approval.

For any budding creatives or entrepreneurs out there, we have to learn to do the same. Sometimes, the scariest thing we can do is take that first leap of faith – but if it's success we're after, this is the only choice we have.

For Rose, the fun is in trying out new ideas that nobody else has ever done. In this episode, Rose talks about his own path to success, as well as sharing actionable insights to help you muster the courage to execute your ideas – regardless of what other people say.

Favorite quote

At some point, you just have to take a leap of faith.

- Kevin Rose

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