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10% Human

Alanna Collen

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Biologist Alanna Collen's remarkable work summarizes the latest research on the human microbiota and their far-reaching effects on our development and health.


10% Human

10% Human

by Alanna Collen


We are just beginning to learn about the incredible world inside our intestines and its profound effect on our physical and mental health. Could many of our modern ailments – obesity, asthma, hay fever, diabetes, and depression – be affected by the balance of microscopic organisms that reside in our gut?

In 10% Human, British biologist and science writer Alanna Collen opens the door to the world of our microscopic inhabitants. Drawing from the latest research and her personal experiences, Collen explores our coevolution with microbiota and their complex role in our physical and mental wellbeing.

Favorite quote

It is not only microbes that are benefiting from sharing our bodies, but us too. Our relationship with them is not just one of tolerance, but encouragement.

- Alanna Collen

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