Black Friday Sale: 50% off Premium Subscriptions

For a limited time only, Uptime's Premium subscription is now available for 50% off. Use the code HELLOFRIDAY on our website to redeem yours.
by Uptime Staff / 2021-11-20

For anyone who enjoys a good Black Friday bargain, Uptime has excellent news for you. For the next few days, our Premium subscription price is available for half the price.

You read that right. Our Black Friday deal involves 50% off our learning app. We know everyone likes to save money and time. They are both as important as each other. So for the next two weeks, we want to save you both.

We are now offering 50% off Uptime Premium, meaning you can use our app in full at half the price. That's unlimited access to everything in our database - over 2,500 Knowledge Hacks (that's 7,500+ insights to learn from, if you will), and our Collections.

And, as we recently wrote about in our article on our Sparks feature, we believe our users' long-term personal development is just as important as our content curation. Simply put, we don't just want to SHOW you cool insights. We also we want to help you learn them.

To redeem this offer and see what we're talking about, all you need to do is visit our website and sign in. Then, press 'Get a Subscription'.

On the payment page, select your plan, and use the code HELLOFRIDAY under 'Add promotion code' to get 50% off.

This deal is running for limited time, so make sure you don't miss out.

What is Black Friday? Why are there so many Black Friday sales?

Black Friday has been the busiest shopping day in the US since 2005. Its name has a few etymologies, but generally the shopping period has always revolved around saving money.

Black Friday’s recent roots are associated more with a post-Thanksgiving period of sales; November sales have always been popular in the US because of it. The department store Macy’s started hosting a Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1924 encouraging shopping around the event.

Police in Philadelphia coined the term Black Friday because Philadelphia hosts the traditional Football game between the Army vs the Navy, an annual event. The Police dubbed the day Black Friday due to the forced hours of work, amount of people that came to the city for the game, the tourists, shoppers, and general hype of the event. Shopkeepers used the period as a time to promote sales, and the term became a constant in advertising. When shops used to record their accounts by hand, they recorded profits in Black, and losses in Red. Black Friday sales presented an opportunity for many stores to make a profit; hence the fitting term, Black Friday.

Wrap Up

Fun fact: Uptime has over 2,500 Knowledge Hacks available for you to discover. Bonus fun fact: 40 new additions arrive on the app every week.

No matter the part of your life you're struggling with - whether you want to cultivate better habits, discover the secrets of highly effective people, build lasting personal relationships, or even learn how to declutter your life like Marie Kondo - we've got something for you.

To claim your 50% off Black Friday discount, head over to our website, select the plan you're interested in, and enter the code HELLOFRIDAY.

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