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The Beginners Guide to Getting Organised

Carl Pullein

5 mins

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The Beginner's Guide to Getting Yourself Organized shows you the basics of how to start being more productive by being more organized, so that you know what you've done today, and what you've got to do tomorrow.


The Beginners Guide to Getting Organised

The Beginners Guide to Getting Organised

by Carl Pullein


In a rapidly expanding world of information, what we learned at school or university is often out of date when we leave an educational setting. Without the reliance on our academic skills, we have to develop soft skills in order to work and communicate - something that we probably didn't learn at school.

In what Peter Drucker terms 'knowledge working', we essentially absorb and process information, which ultimately results in an outcome. The problem, however, is learning to gain control over what we need to respond to - and what we need to ignore. We all need to become 'personally productive'. It doesn't take a lot of skill either - just a little self-discipline and we can be stress free, and happy. Personal productivity is what specialist Carl Pullein teaches in the course, The Beginners Guide to Getting Organized.

Favorite quote

Once you become better organized and more productive, you will find that you start achieving amazing things, all these things that at the moment are probably just dreams or wishes.

- Carl Pullein

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