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Money Master the Game

Anthony Robbins

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Money: Master The Game holds seven simple steps to financial freedom, based on the advice of the world's best billionaire investors, interviewed by Tony Robbins.


Money Master the Game

Money Master the Game

by Anthony Robbins


Tony Robbins didn't think he'd write another book after publishing Awaken The Giant Within in 1991. And for more than 20 years, he didn't. But he felt heartbroken by the losses and suffering that resulted from the financial crisis in 2008 and knew he had to use his gift, his access to the top 1% of people in the financial industry, to help people manage their finances better.

After four years of research and interviews, he distilled the very best information he could find into nearly 700 pages of paper. The result? Money: Master The Game, a New York Times bestseller, which sold one million copies in its first year.

Favorite quote

You either master money or, on some level, money masters you.

- Tony Robbins

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