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Judaism: A Very Short IntroductionBy Norman Solomon

In a Nutshell

Jewish scholar Norman Solomon explores the origins of Judaism and the different ways Jewish identity is understood today, correcting popular misunderstandings by emphasizing how Jews interpret their own history and faith.

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Jews will find their identity individually by seeking their roots and integrating what they discover into their sense of who they are, rather than by having identity imposed on them from outside.

Norman Solomon


What does it mean to be Jewish today? Adherents of Judaism are called Jews, but not all people who consider themselves Jews are religious.

Norman Soloman is an Orthodox rabbi, author, and Jewish studies scholar from the UK, who specializes in interfaith relationships between Jews, Muslims, and Christians. Solomon holds a Ph.D. from the University of Manchester, taught theology and contemporary Jewish thought at Oxford University, and is now a professor of Judaica at the Graduate Theological Foundation.

Though the three monotheistic religions share common principles, Judaism has been misconstrued and maligned through history. To fully understand Judaism, we need to study it on its own terms –language, sacred texts, practices, customs – outside of the Christian influence it has endured for millennia. This volume of A Very Short Introduction, a book series aiming to debunk complex topics by Oxford University Press, explores Judaism through an intimate lens.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

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    Jewish identity transcends ethnicity, nationality, and religion
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