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Hacking Life

Joseph M. Reagle Jr.

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Hacking Life takes a critical look at the life-hacking trend and the pitfalls of trying to quantify and optimize our existence.


Hacking Life

Hacking Life

by Joseph M. Reagle Jr.


Hacking used to be something only done to computers. But today, coders and entrepreneurs alike are hacking everything from their workday to their dates and even their bodies. Is human life something that can really be 'hacked' for optimization?

Joseph M. Reagle Jr. is an an associate professor at Northeastern University specializing in digital culture and technology. In this book, Reagle studies the phenomenon of lifehacking, exploring both its allure and its dangers.

According to Reagle, at best, life-hacking is an individual and rational approach to experimenting with systems; at worst it is a privileged navel-gazing project for the digital age. Hacking Life takes us through the history and practice of lifehacking, offering a critical yet balanced view of this trend.

Favorite quote

Life hacking sits at the intersection of technology, culture, and larger concerns about work, wealth, health, relationships, and meaning.

- Joseph M. Reagle Jr.

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